Early 1900's

In the early 1900’s the Truform brand was developed as a competing brand to OTC. Truform’s product line was similar to OTC’s but was available only to orthopedic brace shops and “ethical surgical appliance dealers.” The product line included orthopedic garments and single stretch rubber core elastic, the forbearer of modern graduated compression hosiery.


In addition to orthopedic appliances, Truform early on made investments in circular knitting machinery to become a leading supplier of medical compression stockings. Seen below is an early catalog page describing the company’s line of “surgical weight”products.


Soon after World War II SAI consolidated all operations into one suburban facility, which allowed for increased production capabilities for the rapidly growing Truform line of compression stockings.


Truform worked closely with the medical community on an ongoing basis to continually improve its compression products and to support testing to demonstrate their effectiveness in patient care. The benefits of wearing Truform stockings were described in medical textbooks of the era.


As markets and technologies continued to evolve, Truform introduced a new take on its traditional product. Products became more sheer, and an greater emphasis was placed on style and comfort while retaining all the medical benefits of compression stockings. New and distinctive retail packaging added to the consumer appeal.  


Manufactured in our Cincinnati plant, today’s Truform brand has over 100 high-tech knitting machines working along with its own finishing processes to provide high quality, low cost compression wear for patients. The SAI “tradition of reinvention” has made Truform an industry leader in this vital category of medical products.