Early 1900's

The OTC name is short for Ohio Truss Company, and in addition to trusses its other original product categories were abdominal supports, suspensories and surgical goods. Shown here is OTC’s very first production floor located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

1920's - 1930's

As surgery became the preferred means of hernia repair and the use of trusses waned, OTC diversified into orthopedic and surgical supports for both the spine and extremities. Eventually OTC’s product line encompassed supports for every part of the body.


By the mid-20th century OTC’s product line had grown extensively, and the company was a market leader in providing prescription orthopedic appliances to professional pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers. Shown is a 1950s advertisement for the company’s knee supports.  


In the early 1980s OTC began to put more emphasis on optimizing the brand name by introducing retail friendly packaging and visually appealing planograms. This new approach moved the company’s products from its customers’ back room to the showroom floor.


The arrival of the 21st century saw OTC adopting and utilizing new fabrics and production techniques for its product line. Completely redesigned packaging provided the company with an enhanced retail presence.


OTC’s tradition of reinvention – from manufacturing trusses to surgical garments to retail orthopedic soft goods – continues as we refine and improve our premium quality, cost effective product line for professional practitioners worldwide.