The Champion name has been used by SAI since very early on in its existence, originally for just athletic and abdominal supports intended for over-the-counter sale. Later an assortment of lightweight elastic limb supports for milder medical conditions was added to the product mix.


Champion was a pioneer in product specific retail packaging directed toward the end-user. Shown here is an early example of a point-of-purchase floor display.  


In the 1970s Champion made strides by placing increased emphasis on new product development and refinement. Carton graphics were regularly updated and improved, and point-of-purchase vehicles included everything from simple counter assortments to extensive wall unit displays.


The use of neoprene and other newly developed materials – along with packaging that educated the consumer – helped identify Champion products as more than simple “drug store supports.”  


In the new millenium, Champion was able to perfect its product line by offering perforated neoprene materials. Champion stepped out of its traditional look and modernized the brand with a new design look.  


Champion is one of SAI’s most dynamic brands, built on the best mix of over-the-counter supports and braces targeted to the needs of the everyday active consumer: younger and fitness-focused with a self-care orientation.